The New York Film Critics Circle “has decided against a threatened crackdown on members who report on behind-the-scenes details of voting on awards this Monday,” reports Envelope/Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil. “Fears ran high that members may be booted if they tattle on vote scores and other details of balloting after leaders responded furiously last year to one member blogging live during the vote session and another blabbing goings-on via Twitter.”

In other words, NYFCC chairman Armond White has waved off complaints voiced last year by Entertainment Weekly‘s Lisa Schwarzbaum. She told O’Neil in late ’08 “that she was so furious about the ‘betrayal of our group’s confidentiality’ that ‘a similar violation of the group’s bylaws would result in a stern response,'” he writes.

“When asked if that meant that a member who reveals vote scores would be ousted from the circle, she avoided a direct answer, saying, ‘Reporting the vote scores will not be tolerated.’

Last year’s uproar was caused by N.Y. Post critic Lou Lumenick, who was live blogging last year during the NYFCC voting session. Lumenick confided last night that he intends to run right back to his office on Monday after voting ends and post all of the scores in detail at his blog, so that’s where everyone can get the inside scoop fastest on Monday — who came in second place, third place, etc.