Last night’s “Who Let The Blogs Out” poolside chat was okay, but it only really got going during the last 15 or 20 minutes. Moderator and Variety columnist Anne Thompson did a fine job, but I knew we weren’t quite doing the expected thing when I saw an attractive 30-something couple get up and leave about 20 minutes in. “Uh-oh, we’re dying,” I told myself. My only consolation is that the walk-out couple was very attractive, and attractive people tend to be a little more vapid than others. (Ask Woody Allen.)
Would-be panelist Kevin Roderick of LA Observed copped out at the last minute, telling Thompson he was ill and tired and had to pick up his dry cleaning and take his dog to the vet for an emergency appendectomy. Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone and L.A. Fishbowl‘s Kate Coe performed nicely, and I kind of muddled through.
The W poolside setting was beautiful, though. I talked to two guys at the Sicko party later on who said they’ve been to the W for drinks on a weekend night, and one of them said he was charged $20 bucks for a beer. After hearing this I immediately wondered, “Where is Tyler Durden living right now? Still in L.A.? Maybe he’s looking for fresh volunteers.”