Jeff Grace‘s Folk Hero & Funny Guy (Gravitas, 5.12) had its big debut at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival — that in itself scares me a bit. But the word was mostly positive last spring so maybe.

From 4.18.166 Hollywood Reporter review by John DeFore: “A stand-up comic who may not be cut out for showbiz gets a break of questionable value in Grace’s feature debut. The kind of road movie that relies less on incident than on the chemistry between the guys in the car, it pairs Girls costar Alex Karpovsky with Wyatt Russell, who played one of the odder baseballers in Richard Linklater‘s new Everybody Wants Some — then complicates its best-buddies dynamic by throwing an attractive woman (Meredith Hagner) into the mix. The result is an amiable if hardly unusual buddy pic whose most important lesson is that aspiring comedians in 2016 should avoid Evite jokes.”