Orlando Bloom definitely suffered some kind of career tumble-down in ’05 when Kingdom of Heaven bombed (despite the director’s cut of that Ridley Scott film being a near-masterpiece) and Elizabethtown turned into the biggest high-expectation wipeouts of all time. He’s in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, of course (nothing to be terribly high or proud about), and he appeared in a little film called Love and Other Disasters that played at Toronto ’06 and then went away. Things have obviously stalled for the poor guy, and I’m sorry. He was actually quite good in the Scott film.

But now Cinematical is reporting that Just Jared is reporting that Bloom was “spotted chatting up the sequel with director Bryan Singer and producers Mindy and Jon Peters at the Tower Bar restaurant in Hollywood.” Presumably, one gathers, to talk about playing either a second lead or a villain in Singer’s next Superman film. Or to talk about something else entirely. Nobody knows anything and it’s everything is bullshit unless proved otherwise.

But talking about a second-lead role in a Superman film is precisely the sort of thing that Bloom might consider at this stage. Kind of a nothing-else-is-happening, I-might-as-well-start-all-over-again thing to do.