At 4 pm yesterday afternoon Tatyana and I arrived at West Hollywood’s Soho House for Neon’s Parasite party (telecast viewing + after-party). The cheering was ecstatic after all four Parasite wins, of course, but especially when the historic Best Picture win was announced by Jane Fonda. Excellent vibe, scrumptious food, free drinks, great wifi, not overly crowded, plenty of flat screens and electrical wall outlets.

Thanks to Lea Yardum and Colleen Camp for their generous hospitality and efficiency.

The show ended around 8:15 pm, give or take. I packed up the two computers, and we began to roam around. Soho House is quite a large and sprawling place, as some of you know. Views of WeHo and Beverly Hills to die for, etc. Plus that dramatic grand staircase. Plus several guests smoking in the outdoor balcony area. (Who smokes?) We decided to pack it in around 10:10 pm — six hours felt like enough. In the sheltered ground-level parking lot there was a huge crowd waiting to enter as we departed.

A friend who arrived late reports that Bong Joon-ho and Team Parasite (actors, producers) made their triumphant entrance around 12:45 am, and that the reception was “truly mad.” They came up the staircase to exuberant cheers and hugs, and then paraded around the party holding the four Oscars aloft, and received more whoops and cheers on the small stage in the main dining room (i.e., where the bar is).

Vuyo Dyasi, Bong Joon-ho.