I didn’t even know about the online mass rebellion/popular turnoff movement against Katherine Heigl until last weekend. I know that Sarah Ball‘s summary piece in Newsweek seemed unduly harsh and brash so I stopped reading it. Then Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone sent it to me today. This time I read it through to the end. I then checked around to see how many others are piling on. And it does seem as if there’s something going on, “seem” being the operative term.

Katherine Heigl

It still seems like too much. I don’t care for Heigl’s performance in The Ugly Truth either but I don’t want to see her killed or run out of the business. And I wonder how many people feel this way given the $31 million that The Ugly Truth, Heigl’s latest and most detestable film thus far, has made since last Friday. What’s clear is that it’s awfully damn easy these days to go from being loved/admired/enjoyed to being loathed/depised/dumped on. You’re flying high in April, shot down in May.