Swing Vote is about a New Mexico layabout with a drinking problem (Kevin Costner) who is heavily courted by a couple of major presidential candidates (Kelsey Grammer, Dennis Hopper ) who need his vote to tip the election in their favor. Whacked, improbable…but that’s it. Anyway, it was pointed out yesterday that this premise is fairly similar to that of Garson Kanin‘s The Great Man Votes (1939).

It’s about a boozy widower (John Barrymore) who, it is discovered, is the only registered voter in a key precinct, which leads to politicians from both parties bearing inducements.
There’s no question the two films are using the same basic bones. A friend says the Costner film is considerably different beyond the premise, but so what? I’ve never even seen the Barrymore film. It’s not exactly a must-see. Right now it’s only available on VHS.