If the guy who hired you gets whacked, you’re probably in trouble also…especially if the big guy who ordered the hit on your recently-departed boss is in one of those irascible, muscle-flexing, I’m-still- the-honcho-even-though-I’m-83 moods, which seems to be the case with Viacom chief Sumner Redstone.
By this usually reliable logic Paramount chairman Brad Grey, according to many of the journos who get all regularly hyperventilate about Hollywood hires and fires, is about to get capped just like Joey Gallo at Umberto’s Clam House. Wait a minute, wrong analogy… Gallo didn’t know it was coming. How about whacked like Burt Lancaster‘s “the Swede” in The Killers? And you know that if Grey is a goner, so is Paramount production president Gail Berman.
I’ve never found executive shuffles terribly exciting, but if you want to read what everyone’s saying — the list includes Hollywood Wiretap’s Tom Tapp, Variety‘s Chris Gardner, Hollywood Reporter columnist Anne Thompson, and N.Y. Times reporters Laura Holson and Sharon Waxman — have at it.