This story by London Times correspondent John Harlow says that executors of Brando’s estate “including [Pheonix Pictures honcho] Mike Medavoy…are raising money by licensing Brando products including…a semi-fictional documentary called Citizen Brando.” The semi-doc, formerly called Brando and Brando, is about a Tunisian “boy” who traveled to the U.S. to meet Brando. Directed by Ridha Behi, it is said to be a partly fictionalized doc about Behi’s friendship with Brando.
Hold on….what about that series of acting-class videos called Lying for a Living, which Brando and director Tony Kaye partnered on roughly four years ago? It’s basically shows Brando giving acting lessons to an audience of mostly non-pros with drop-by’s (according to this and that news account) from Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Nick Nolte, Leonardo DiCaprio and Sean Penn. Surely all the tapes that were shot of the Lying sessions (one of which I almost gained admittance to) can be asembled into some kind of shape? Two or three calls to Medavoy last week and two chats with his personal publicist Howard Brandy provided no answers.