No filing until sometime in the mid afternoon. It’s 7:20 am — off to Park Marriott for press tickets, which will cost about an hour, then  grab a downtown Park City bus for the anti-Trump march down Main Street, which begins around 9 am.  Three films later today, the first being a YA adaptation called Before I Fall — dread and foreboding.  Thinking of shining it.

Yesterday’s big knockout (and a likely indie-sized hit) was The Big Sick, a diverting, highly original romantic saga — you never really know where it’s going, and that’s just how I like it. (Okay — the finale is fairly conventional but that’s all.) Dry, droll, low-key humor for smarties & hipsters.

And it really does come together emotionally during the last 25% or 30%. I loved the  ISIS and 9/11 terrorist jokes. The only big problem is remembering how to spell and pronounce Kumail Nanjiani, the Pakistani comedian who co-stars and co-wrote.  Best performance ever by Zoe Kazan.

Off to the march…