“The stated goals of PUMA are to: 1. Support Senator Hillary Clinton. 2. Lobby and organize for changes in leadership in the DNC. 3. Critique and oppose misogyny, discrimination, and disinformation in the mainstream media, including mainstream blogs and other outlets of new media. 4. To support the efforts of those political figures who have allied themselves with Hillary Clinton and who have demonstrated commitment to the first three goals. 5. [Help to] destroy America by voting against their values.” — straight from the PUMA Wikipedia page.

The PUMAs feel that their candidate lost, in part, because the misogynists ganged up on her and pulled strings that led in some roundabout way to her defeat. What is a reasonable person supposed to say to such tripe? Hillary Clinton’s campaign was about arrogance, bullying, bad planning, old-school negativity, racial innuendo, taking the scummiest road imaginable, using any ruse or trick in the dirty book of politics to appeal to the dumbest people out there, playing upon gender loyalty, downing shots with beer-gut racists, crying when it suited her drama-queen purposes, trying out cheap gimmicks like the gas tax idea, implying a Muslim heritage or allegiance on Obama’s part, praising McCain over Obama, angrily saying “shame on you, Barack Obama!” when he correctly repeated her NAFTA views, etc.
In short, it was one of the most despicable campaigns in modern political history — relentless, ghastly, appalling. And yet the die-hard PUMA people, stunningly, mind-blowingly, actually believe that the people who banded together and defeated Clinton’s campaign — which her all-together-now female supporters felt was a non-negotiable historical inevitability — are in some way demonic and hateful, and that the only thing for them to do now is to support John McCain.
There is no question that the Clintons earned their rep move by move, and that they lost by their own hand. The academic woman who was fired by the Obama campaign for calling Hillary a “monster” was Joan of Arc in my mind — burned at the stake for being true to her beliefs, and to God’s radiant light. Some people say never forget the Holocaust or 9/11. I say never forget what the Clintons did and what they were each and every day during the ’08 Democratic primary campaign.