Sub-zero arctic refrigerated air-conditioning is a highly effective way to discourage online hobos like yours truly. Except I always order a double cappuccino and sometimes a little something to eat so I’m not really a “hobo” —- unlike most of the bum squad I always pay.

I do, however, tend to hang out for long stretches, typically filing three or four stories.

Removing electrical outlets has gotten rid of most of the Starbucks riff-raff nationwide, although Wilton’s Starbucks outlet is a blessed exception to the rule with six or seven usable outlets…pig heaven!

To balance this out, however, Wilton Starbucks management has recently introduced the kind of aching, bone-freezing air conditioning that would make an Alaskan huskie or James Arness‘s “The Thing” feel right at home. It’s so cold in that cafe I can’t even think of filing without wearing a winter parka, and who carries a winter parka around in July?

Congrats to Wilton Starbucks…the hobos are no more! At least until the weather cools.