There are movies you’ll enjoy for any number of reasons and movies you may not “enjoy” but which you really need to see and will always feel grateful for having done so. Lasting, nutritious, not conventionally entertaining but a wallop all the same, good for your soul, essential viewing. These used to be known (and perhaps still are known in in some circles) as broccoli movies. I don’t feel 12 Years A Slave is a broccoli movie as much a stunning, flat-out masterpiece, but I know some people do. Anyway I’m posting because I’m looking a list of the greatest broccoli movies of all time. Naahh, let’s say the last 43 years (i.e., beginning with 1970). Movies you were maybe a little reluctant to see at first and perhaps had to be dragged to, but once you saw them you were totally sold and you’ve been glad ever since. The other question is how many times has the Academy given its Best Picture Oscar to a broccoli movie? The answer, of course, is that broccoli movies don’t win Best Picture Oscars, unless you want to count Schindler’s List or The English Patient or A Man For All Seasons. I’ve never seen The English Patient more than once, but the other two I own and have watched several times. Well, a few.