Brokeback Mountain has been named the Best Picture of 2005 by the New York Film Critics Circle, following the same decision announced by the Los Angeles and Boston film critics, and Ang Lee has been named Best Director. And Heath Ledger has put a stop to Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s unbroken winning streak by being named Best Actor for his inhabiting of Brokeback‘s Ennis del Mar. And isn’t it great that Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man won yet again for Best Feature Documentary, on top of getting the same award from the L.A. and New York Online Film Critics? (The honorable Oscar Documentary committee didn’t even include Grizzly Man on its preliminary contender list.) Wong Kar Wai’s 2046 was named best Foreign-Language Film and the Best First Award went to Capote‘s director Bennett Miller. And Reese Witherspoon was named Best Actress for Walk the Line, agreeing with the Boston Film Critics vote last weekend. William Hurt won for Best Supporting Actor in A History of Violence and his costar Maria Bello won for Best Supporting Actress. The Best Cinematography award went to Christopher Doyle, Lai Yiu Fai and Kwan Pun Leung for 2046 and Noah Baumbach womn the Best Screenplay award for The Squid and the Whale.