I’ve found three positive reviews of Men in Black 3, which I find impossible to accept. (Sorry.) Here’s review #1, review #2 and review #3. I will, however, temporarily accept the following assessment of Josh Brolin‘s performance as the young Tommy Lee Jones, written by Digital Spy‘s Stella Papamichael:

“As Jones’ younger incarnation in a parellel universe (circa 1969), Brolin “somehow manages to do a better Tommy Lee Jones than Tommy Lee Jones,” she writes. “It’s a performance so downright eerie, you could be tempted into thinking that Brolin is, in fact, some kind of alien body-snatcher. What makes it even funnier is the way Smith looks at him, with a sideways grin, as if he can’t quite believe it either. Brolin might simply have delivered an uncanny impression of Jones, but he lets the mask slip at opportune moments, allowing a credible bond [with Will Smith] to develop.”

Let’s stop there until some known-quantity big guns give MIBIII a thumbs-up.