From Albert Brooks in Defending My Life (MAX, currently streaming):

Rob Reiner: “Any thoughts about what happens after you die?”

Brooks: “The first time I had a colonsocopy, I wanted one every day. It’s like the greatest sleep in the world, and if you woke me up a thousand years later, I wouldn’t have any idea. So I imnagine that’s what [death] is. It’s like having a colonoscopy…a big one.”

Woody Allen at the 2017 AFI Diane Keaton tribute, 5.6.17 — 5:00 mark):

“Diane and I walk the streets and talk about movies,. her love life…just general stuff. Life, death. She’s always had mortal fear of death, and I tell her there’s nothing to worry about because if you’ve ever had a colonoscopy…they give you an injection and you’re out and it’s black and peaceful and nice. And so death…is like a colonoscopy. The problem is that life is like the prep day.”

I’ve actually been thinking about this heavenly procedure because….ahh, forget it.