“I met this guy named Ding-Dong. He told me the whole earth is goin’ up in flame. Flames will come out of here and there and they’ll just rise up. The mountains are gonna go up in big flames, the water’s gonna rise in flames. There’s gonna be creatures runnin’ every which way, some of them burnt, half of their wings burnin’. People are gonna be screamin’ and hollerin’ for help.

“See, the people that have been good, they’re gonna go to heaven and escape all that fire. But if you’ve been bad, God don’t even hear you. He don’t even hear ya talkin’.”

I honestly don’t believe I’ve heard voice-over dialogue that’s this much fun to read or listen to in…I don’t know how many years. That line about “wings burnin'” is great. When I hear it I don’t think of chickens or turkeys or birds of any kind — I think of the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz falling to the ground and leaving wispy little smoke trails.