Former Los Angeles Times, Variety and Entertainment Weekly reporter Anita Busch — whom accused wiretapper Anthony Pellicano tried to intimidate a few years ago with that dead fish “STOP!” message left on the windshield of her car — has alleged in a civil lawsuit that former CAA honcho and talent manager Michael Ovitz “participated with indicted private investigator Anthony Pellicano and others to intimidate and threaten her.”
Ovitz’s attorney James Ellis told L.A. Times reporters Andrew Blankstein and Greg Krikorian that his”client “had nothing to do with this. It’s unfortunate that Ms. Busch has chosen to involve him in this matter.”
The idea is to make Ovitz sweat his past offenses and presumably squeeze him for some kind of cash settlement. We all know Ovitz sent Busch that bottle of MSG years ago (she’s lethally allergic to the stuff) and that she’s never had much affection for him either. All fair-minded people hope Bush achieves her goals in this matter because she’s basically conducted herself honorably and because people who strive to intimidate the press deserve the blowback.