I guess I was kinda hoping that Elizabeth Warren would, despite her hopeless situation, stick it out and thereby split the left progressive vote, or at least siphon some of that support from the Bernie Sanders campaign. And I’m saying this as someone who loves Warren and would love to see her win the nomination and beat Trump. But she can’t, of course. She won’t. She just isn’t popular enough, and under-educated bumblefucks don’t seem to like her at all.

Filed at 3:49 Pacific by The Washington Post‘s Annie Linskey and Sean Sullivan: “Top surrogates and allies of Senators of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are discussing ways for their two camps to unite and push a common liberal agenda, with the expectation that Warren is likely to leave the presidential campaign soon, according to two people familiar with the talks.

“The conversations, which are in an early phase, largely involve members of Congress who back Sanders reaching out to those in Warren’s camp to explore the prospect that Warren might endorse him.

“They are also appealing to Warren’s supporters to switch their allegiance to Sanders, according two people with direct knowledge of the conversations who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss delicate discussions that are supposed to be confidential.

“The whirlwind of activity reflects the rapid changes in a Democratic primary that is still very much in transition. As late as Tuesday, many Warren allies believed she would stay in the race until the Democratic convention, despite her poor showing to date in the primaries, in hopes of retaining her clout and influencing the eventual nominee.”