Mayor Pete Buttigieg has now taken a 10-point poll lead in New Hampshire as well as in Iowa. The first two primary states (actually a caucus and then a primary) and Pete is beating the pants off Elizabeth Warren, Typewriter Joe and Bernie Sanders in both. .

The Saint Anselm College Survey Center poll of 255 likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire shows Buttigieg supported by 25 percent. Biden and Warren are tied for second at 15 percent. Sanders is in fourth place at 9 percent.

The poll of likely Democratic primary voters was conducted Nov. 13-18 by landline and cellphone and has a margin of error of 6.1 percentage points.

In a related development, a nationwide poll of African-American voters indicates that POCs of all ages and income levels have abandoned Biden and are embracing Buttigieg across the board. No more suspicion about his handling of the South Bend police chief matter, no more homophobia among older POCs…a complete switchover from attitudes of just a week ago. Yes, I’m kidding…Jesus, lighten up.

The other candidates will be taking aim at Mayor Pete in tonight’s MSNBC Atlanta debate, you bet.