By naming Keira Knightley as 2005’s Best Actress for her perf- ormance in Pride and Prejudice, The New York Online Film Critics have splooged all over their reputation as a serious quality- judging entity. The fact that Knightley is a lightweight attitude actress, a flirt, a woman who conveys no sense of even a stream (much less a river) running through her is incontestable and not open for discussion. The members of the NYOFC need to take a couple of days off, take a bus to the Pennsyvania countryside, check into a reasonably priced motel and get together and ask themselves how this could have happened. Otherwise, good calls all down the line. A nice pat-on-the-back attaboy for director-writer Noah Baumbach by proclaiming The Squid as the Whale as Best Picture. Capote‘s Phillip Seymour Hoffman was named Best Actor…but of course! The Constant Gardener‘s Fernan- do Meirelles was named Best Director…very cool. Casanova‘s Oliver Platt was named Best Supporting Actor…fine. Junebug‘s Amy Adams was named Best Supporting Actress, the great Terrence Howard was named Best Breakthrough Performer, Paul Haggis got the Best Debut Director and Best Screenplay award, Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man was named Best Documen- tary (that’s two Best Doc awards for this absolutely first-rate film, which the perceptive Academy documentary committee didn’t even put on their short list), and Downfall was named Best Foreign Film.