Lee Daniels’ The Butler is #1 for the second week in a row, obviously because people like it (and that’s fine) but also because there’s no real competition, right? The Weinstein Co. was smart to open this modest little film in early August. The shocker, for me, is that Warner Bros/New Line’s We’re The Millers is second this weekend and actually approaching $100 million domestic. This obviously means people are telling their friends that it’s good enough to see in a theatre and don’t wait for Netflix, etc. What solar system are these people living in? I was okay or at least mezzo-mezzo with the first act but I felt stuck in hell for the remainder. I called it a “vulgar, sloppily written, oppressively unfunny road comedy about a ‘typical Middle-American family’ involved in a Mexican drug-smuggling charade” and “a lampoon of suburban families and the hellish, self-loathing lives they presumably lead as they tow the ‘normal’ line.”