Far From The Madding Crowd costar Matthias Schoenarts has spoken to Hitfix‘s Gregory Ellwood about Tom Hooper‘s brazenly, unregenerately baity The Danish Girl and particularly Eddie Redmayne‘s performance as Lili Elbe, the first man-to-woman transgender pioneer. “We finished it like a week ago [and] I had a blast,” Schoenaerts said. “Working with Hooper is an experience. Extremely sharp, committed, intelligent and has a sense of humor. And then you have Eddie Redmayne, who I’m sure [is] gonna get a second Oscar nom. It’s impossible. What I’ve seen him do. It’s probably [his] second Oscar, period. Not even just a nod, period.”

Wells to Focus Features: Discussing the launch of stopeddieredmayne.com is, of course, an acknowledgment of Redmayne’s all-but-certain Best Actor nomination as well as the success of your upcoming Danish Girl campaign, so please don’t take this the wrong way. Yes, Hollywood Elsewhere has noted that the Redmayne performance and corresponding campaign already seems “too calculating by half.” We would nonetheless be honored to run Phase One ads on behalf of this sure-to-be-striking, discussion-worthy film, which will open in New York and Los Angeles on the extremely baity date of 11.27.15.