I’m sure that David O. Russell‘s Joy was research-screened tonight in Los Angeles, but beyond that I don’t know a thing. I can say that the response so far…let’s see, how to put this…is it okay if I say the response from…what, two or three guys is encouraging? I don’t know anyone. It’s obviously wiser to just wait and cool my jets, but here’s one Awards Watch guy (and please take this with a grain): “OMFG CRYING ON THE STREET! Career-best work from DOR and JLAW. Larson who? JLAW was giving Winter’s Bone-level intensity x1000, nothing like Rosalyn or Tiffany so bye h8ers and naysayers! She carried [the] film like a motherfucking champ, IMHO. It’s such a director’s film and I think a culmination of everything from DOR’s career so far plus more. IMHO majority of it is drama (not sure if that’s how they’ll campaign it), but my God…like it almost didn’t seem like a DOR film but at the same time, it’s so much so his film. It’s very weird. It wasn’t the final cut so a lot of sound mixing still needs to be done. But wowza indeed. Bob was good, Isabella was good, Ladd was ok (like Jackie Weaver SLP ok), Ramirez was good. Madsen was great, I thought.”

10:20 Update: A summary post from Award Watch‘s Eric Anderson — take it with a grain.