I was taken by this chat between Maxim‘s Mark Ebner and 1010 News’ Jerry Agar about habitual criminal and teenaged fugitive Colton Harris-Moore. Ebner states that CHM is “a folk hero, Keyser Soze, a genius…like Frank Abnagale, he might be able to one day apply his skills to the greater good. He’s a true survivalist. They should drop this kid into Afghanistan.

A UK Telegraph story reports that Harris-Moore “has been on the run for almost two years and is thought to be hiding on the remote Orcas Island, a rugged spot in the northwest corner of Washington state near the Canadian border.

“Police believe he has been there since stealing a plane and landing it in mud on the sparsely populated, 57 square mile island on Feb 10.

“The manhunt was scaled back after no trace of him was found. Officials said search teams would be ‘redeployed if the situation warrants.’

“The plane was the fifth Harris-Moore is believed to have stolen during his crime spree and he is also suspected of taking speedboats and luxury cars for joyrides in Washington, Idaho and Canada.

“During one of his recent illegal flights air traffic controllers became alarmed as he skirted air space restricted for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

“His criminal exploits have led to him being been dubbed ‘America’s Most Wanted Teen Bandit’ by Time magazine and 30,000 people have subscribed to an internet fan club.

The 6ft 5 ins teenager, who turns 19 next week, lives in the open, sometimes in trees, and has been known to have pizzas delivered to the edge of woodland.

“Police believe he also hunts his own food in forests using a pair of night vision goggles.

He is believed to have learned to pilot a plane by reading flight manuals and playing simulator video games purchased with stolen credit cards.

“Detectives believe he is responsible for scores of burglaries and security videos from some of those show him barefoot.

“He once burgled a grocery store and drew a series of chalk outlines of footprints leading out the door, leaving a note that said “C-Ya!”

“The teenager grew up in a caravan on another island south of Orcas Island.

He has been on the run since April 2008 when he escaped from a halfway house where he had been serving a three-year sentence for burglary.

Ed Wallace, a Sheriff’s Department spokesman in Washington state, said: ‘He’s almost like a feral child. Everybody wants this kid caught.'”