If an Academy member or press person allows a watermarked screener in his/her possession to be pirated and is thereafter busted for this, we the people (a) want to know the name and profession of this person, partly so we can speculate on his/her idiocy levels or circumstance, and (b) want to see the perp severely punished. But no such satisfaction has come out of the Quantum of Solace screener situation, that was recently reported by Gold Derby‘s Tom O’Neil, and which involves a female Academy member.

We didn’t need to hear any details back in ’04 when former Academy member Carmine Caridi was popped for participating in the pirating of several screeners. It was all but impossible to avoid the implications of his last name. A guy who probably had Godfather and Goodfellas posters on his den wall, was possibly mobbed-up, maybe had a cousin who worked for a Tony Soprano type back in Jersey — something along those lines. But we don’t know zip about the errant female.