I naturally presumed that John Turtletaub‘s Last Vegas (CBS Films, 11.1) would be just another wank — a slightly tamer Hangover for 60somethings with the usual old-fart, where-did-I-put-my-Viagra? jokes. Well, it’s better than that. I found it mostly likable, amiable, fast on its feet. Michael Douglas and Robert DeNiro do well enough by their roles, but Kevin Kline and Morgan Freeman really kick up their heels. (Costar Mary Steenburgen also comes off nicely.) Dan Fogelman‘s script is up to much more than just a series of crude, low-rent gags. HE regulars might recall guessing which of the four revelers will buy it in the end. I’m not spoiling anything but it’s always pleasant when a film doesn’t do the expected thing. There’s a no-review embargo until late October but I told one of publicists they’re making a mistake with that. The word on this is going to be at least half-decent.