Carlos Reygadas’ Battle in Heaven, a follow-up feature to his widely acclaimed Japon, is getting most of its attention because of a depiction of a dull schlumpy guy being orally serviced at the beginning and end of the film. It’s a blowjob that seems rote and passionless and is certainly boring to watch (it isn’t remotely in the league of the Brown Bunny finale). The provider is a pretty and sophisticated young girl of 17 or 18 from a wel-to-do family, and the receiver is a homely middle-aged lump with inexpressive eyes and a gross pot belly. And he’s not reacting in any noticable way — he could be standing in front of a mirror with a tailor measuring the cuff of his pants. For me, the nothingness of this scene is indicative of the nothingness of the film itself.