Kidding or half-serious, Paul Thomas Anderson let N.Y. Times Oscar blogger David Carr have it right between the eyes last night during a brief chat at a Paramount Vantage party (which I also attended) at a sprawling joint called STK or SKG or DMT….something along those lines.
Carr (a.k.a., “the Bagger”) said something or other about the Best Picture candidates he likes, admitting that There Will Be Blood isn’t quite at the top of his list, and Anderson said, “You know, you don’t know a fucking thing about movies!”
Anderson then said There Will Be Blood “[is] the best movie of the year. Except for maybe Juno. And Clayton. And Atonement. Other than that, it was the best movie of the year.”
When Carr touted the virtues of No Country for Old Men, Anderson said, “You really think No Country for Old Men…that movie was better than ours? C’mon, do you really believe that?”