I’ve been on two wheels for a full year now, and I love it. Heaven. I get around much faster, gas costs are negligible, I can park anywhere and I almost never pay when I park in one of those concrete structures. The only time I drive the beater is when it rains. I’ve gotten so used to zipping around that car travel feels like an awful slog. I’ve no patience for cars any more. I’ll rent one if I want to go somewhere over the weekend (desert, up north), but I’d be perfectly happy to never own another. Live like a Parisian — bicycle, scooter/motorcycle, walk, metro. A healthy, happy way to live. You know why you still need a car in Los Angeles? Women. They won’t tolerate a guy who doesn’t own one, and I mean a fairly nice one. Like it or not but that’s the L.A. system. The system in every municipality in the country when you think about it. Except for New York, that is. (Where else?) So when you get down to it women, really, are one of the bigger causes of Los Angeles fossil-fuel pollution. Or at the very least a significant reason for the purchase of newer, cooler cars (i.e., “babe magnets”). I guess I’ll pop for slick wheels sometime this year or next, but I won’t like it.