Casino Royale (Columbia, 11.17) screened in London last night (Saturday, 11.4) and the Telegraph has run some reactions. “It’s terrific,” said one critic. “This is going to be the prequel to all other Bonds. There are a lot of fans who prefer either Moore or Connery but Daniel Craig could be better. This is the story of how Bond got started, before he became 007. Craig is such a good actor…he plays Bond as strong but emotionally vulnerable. For the first time you see his sensitive side.”
“The flm begins in black-and-white, but then goes to color. There is no sexual innuendo in this film; Craig’s Bond is more sophisticated than that. And the filmmakers have been sure to show the consequences of violence — he bleeds. Craig depicts a character who is tough and gritty and while the plot of good versus evil is the same, there is no Miss Moneypenny. If Bond has been a role-model for playboys across the generations, Craig’s 007 is not only interested in seduction. He falls deeply in love with his Vesper Lynd (Eva Green).”