Not a spoiler unless you live under a rock: A friend tells me he saw an Incredible Hulk TV ad yesterday that uses a line or two from the scene in which Robert Downey, Jr.‘s Tony Stark (i.e., Iron Man) strolls into a bar and has words with William Hurt‘s asshole general with a moustache. What I’m not sure of is whether the spot shows Downey saying, “We’re looking to put a team together.”
This refers, of course, to a Avengers (i.e., not Justice League) movie down the road, which will basically be just another X-Men series without the gay-culture metaphor, or perhaps to a story thread that may be used in the next Hulk film (if there is one). I got an enjoyable little ping when this scene came at the end of the film (which I saw last night) but no one else will get this same chuckle with the cat totally out of the bag. Universal marketers obviously used Downey to get the Iron Man crowd as hopped up as possible, but it really does pay to see things early to avoid the ad-trailer spoiler effect.