I’ve bought two or three Taschen coffee-table photo books, but generally I just flip through while browsing in book stores…cheaper that way. But I had to buy this Patti Smith-Judy Linn book. I’ve seen Smith perform four times in concert, and had the pleasure of interviewing her at Sundance ’08 where a doc about her life and career, Patti Smith: Dream of Life, played for the first time.

I didn’t arrive to pick up my LAFilmfest press pass at the JW Marriott until after 6 pm, which was past closing. But the FIND p.r. reps graciously stayed open…thanks, guys.

Lynch Coffee began getting a lot of press between March and May of this year, but a salesperson at Book Soup (where I took this shot two or three nights ago) said it’s been on the market for at least a couple of years.

Taken after seeing The Guard last night at screening room #23 in the James Stewart building (formerly TriStar headquarters) on the Sony lot. The security guys called out “sir! sir!” from their booth near the entrance gate. “No photo-taking is allowed on the lot without written permission!” I waved back at them, smiled and said, “Sure thing!”

To this day I’ve never seen Ken Loach‘s Poor Cow (’67) except in those clips of young Terrence Stamp that Steven Soderbergh used in The Limey. The lead, Carol White, succumbed to alcohol and drug problems, and died at age 48 in 1991.

Serenity alcove inside lobby of JW Marriott hotel on East Olympic Blvd. — headquarters of FIND and the LA FilmFest.