The death of Eddie Fisher, whom no one cared very much about or paid attention to except as an object of derision for the last 47 years, was reported last night. He was 82.

Fisher had a ten-year run in the big-time, first as a popular crooner from the early to late ’50s and then as a tabloid/gossip-column joke from the late ’50s to early ’60s after he dumped wife Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor, only to be himself dumped by Taylor for Richard Burton in 1962.

The man lived for nearly 50 years after that with the word “over” tattooed on his forehead. He was branded as a guy with no class or discipline who’d basically been led around by Mr. Happy. After the release of his 1999 autobiography, Been There, Done That, daughter Carrie Fisher reportedly declared, “That’s it — I’m having my DNA fumigated.”