…for being Celeb Virtue Signallers. Especially Tennisballhead.

Is there any social ill that celebrities can’t fix, or at least point the way toward fixing?

Seriously: When I was young there were times when I tolerated or winked at racist words, jokes, stereotypes, etc. I’m very sorry for having looked the other way when this happened (and I’m talking maybe four or five times), but I will never allow that shit in my presence again.

Speaking as a daily columnist who is genuinely terrified of SJW wokester cancel-culture types, I take total responsibility for the content of Hollywood Elsewhere over the past 16 years, although I am greviously sorry and do humbly apologize for…oh, six or seven columns that I didn’t express or sculpt in quite the right way. And anything else that landed with a thud.

I’m imperfect. Sometimes it comes out wrong. And I hate using more words than necessary. but I’m mostly an X-factor, hard-working, cut-through-the-daily-bullshit samurai truth-teller, and I truly believe in decency and compassion for all. Except for cats who pee on my pillow.