The essence of Lou Lumenick‘s 3.1 N.Y. Post article about digital vs. 35mm classic films is that (a) digital versions tend to look sharper and more pronounced, and yet (b) old-school celluloid devotees are suspicious about such claims and blah-dee-blah-dee-blah-blah-blah.

The professionals praising digital versions in the piece are Film Forum programmer Bruce Goldstein, who’s now running a series of classic Columbia films at his Manhattan venue, and Sony preservation guru Grover Crisp, who will showcase the differences between a 35 mm and a digital presentation of Dr. Strangelove at the Film Forum, twice this evening and once tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon.

“We’ve run Taxi Driver alongside our best 35mm print and if you compare the two, the 35mm print is a bit softer and not quite as vibrant,” Crisp tells Lumenick.

No shit?