There’s a review embargo in place on The Change-Up (Universal, 8.5) until 4 pm today But I half-liked it to my surprise, and my evening was made at the after-party when costar Jason Bateman came over to say hi and tell me that he’s a regular HE reader/fan/admirer. Then he said, “Thanks for classing up the internet” or words to that effect. There are haters who would disagree (and I don’t want or need that debate right now), but it felt great all the same.

I spoke to Jonah Hill briefly about Moneyball (“See you in Toronto!”), and also to Sandra Bullock about Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, about which she said (a) “I’m in it!” and (b) “It only finally finished [shooting] a couple of weeks ago.”

Too close to Olivia Wilde as I shot this — too many bodies, overly warm, no room to breathe.

Inside Job dp Svetlana Cvetko (r.) and her niece Nastasa Radisic (r.)