We all understand that within the conservative nutbag Presidential preference realm, Florida governor Ron DeSantis (who is not a nutbag) is ascending and Donald Trump (a totally deranged, anti-Democratic narcissistic crime boss) is declining.

If it has to be one of the other, DeSantis is obviously the saner, less scary choice. But it’s starting to hit me that DeSantis doesn’t really have it in terms of JFK- or Obama-level charisma. And that’s a big thing not to have. He doesn’t even have that Trump swagger thing.

One, he’s not slender enough and in fact seems a tiny bit chubby — he’s certainly on the stocky side. DeSantis is nowhere near as fat as Trump, but a would-be President has to look trim and healthy and well-disciplined — daily workouts, no 11 pm cookie-jar raids. Do you think Jack Kennedy would have squeaked out a victory over Richard Nixon if he’d had a Ron DeSantis body? Think again.

And two, DeSantis has cold beady eyes. He doesn’t radiate warmth or charm. He seems like a semi-reasonable fellow, but something inside him seems prickly and prick-ish.

Bottom line: Cold eyes, chunky bod, prickish vibes…DeSantis probably can’t win.