Cheers to Paramount Classics chief John Lesher for acquiring Davis Guggenheim‘s An Inconvenient Truth, which was a big audience hit at Sundance ’06. The doc is basically Al Gore‘s longstanding lecture-and-slide-show about global-warming caughtby cameras. The 5.26 release will coincide with the release of Rodale Books’ printed version, also called “An Inconvenient Truth.” In a 1.26 Sundance posting I said that An Inconvenient Truth “has given me hope and that everyone should see it. It’s strike-a-match time, and this film is a ray of light. I’m starting to think that Gore’s entire political career, which culiminated with his run for the White House in 2000, has been about getting people to see and fully consider this slide-show lecture movie about global warming. It’s Gore’s crowning achievement…the summation of his life…the reason he was put on this earth to become a politican and a stirrer-upper and influencer of public opinion. Because if people see Truth in sufficient numbers, Gore will have done more to save this planet from ruination than anyone in his realm has ever managed.”