N.Y. Times columnist David Carr has done more than just write about Jon Favreau, the director, producer, writer and star of Chef (Open Road, 5.9). He’s also eaten a Favreau-prepared meal. Chef is currently enjoying a 91% Rotten Tomatoes rating but it’s opening in less than two weeks and I’ve received no screening invites. (I couldn’t attend the 4.22 Tribeca Film Festival showing.) I’m on a plane to NYC next Thursday night and then I have a week at my Brooklyn rental before leaving for France. Friend to HE: “Dude, Open Road has had a TON of L.A. Chef screenings. I saw it here a month ago. I don’t think you are on their press list if you have missed it. Betting there’s probably another next week, Plus it’s really a fun movie. Best food shots ever!”