Speaking of Billy Wilder and One, Two, Three, until yesterday I’d never walked around Berlin’s defunct Tempelhof Airport, which appears twice in the film. I wandered around in the rain for about a half-hour. Tempelhof shut down in 2008, but was a major European airport starting in the 1930s and was crucial to the success of the 1948 Berlin airlift (along with Berlin’s Tegel Airport). The latter is also scheduled to close (probably sometime in 2014) in concert with the opening of the new Berlin Brandendurg Airport. Who closes airports?

Tempelhof Airport — Sunday, 5.12, 3:35 pm.

Tempelhof Airport set (actualy shot in Munich) in Billy Wilder’s One, Two, Three.

Tempelhof Airport — Sunday, 5.12, 3:50 pm.