Christian critics feel that Ang Lee’s telling of the sad saga of Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist may be affecting, but is also influencing social norms in the wrong (i.e., contrary to Christian rightist views) way. What are ya gonna do with these people? But speaking from an anti-right Blue State perspective I wonder if there’s any such thing as going sexually-emotionally too far afield in terms of movie subjects? Like the story of Harold G. Hart of Neillsville, Wisconsin, for instance. What if the activity described in this story was the most profound, emotionally deep-down thing that had ever happened or would ever happen to Hart in his lifetime? And if he were otherwise a nice churchgoing guy with good kids? I could see this working as a thread in a David Lynch movie, but I could also imagine myself saying to a Chris- tian film critic, “Okay…I see your point in this instance.”