Yesterday’s USA Today presidential poll dropped me into a terrible pit of despair. The Beast, it said, is running ahead of all Democratic contenders. Trump is bettering “Typewriter” Joe Biden by 3 percentage points, Bernie Sanders by 5, Sen. Elizabeth Warren by 8, Mayor Pete by 10 and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg by 9.

This country has never been led by anyone as remotely horrific and diseased as Trump, and yet a majority of Average Joes prefer him to any or all of the Dems? Thoughtless swine. Reprehensible cattle. Diseased scum. Disciples of fascism.

This plus BoJo’s decisive trouncing of Jeremy Corbyn has me scared shitless. British Joe Bumblefucks couldn’t stand Corbyn, and our domestic variety can’t abide immigrant-embracing, big-government progressives and their general submission to the p.c. twitter narrative.

Better a strong sociopathic gangster with all his myriad corruptions and dedication to increasing the pace of climate change, they seem to be saying, than allowing the country to be overrun by immigrants, minorities and LGBTQs and operating on a general principle that white, under-educated, working-class people are bad news.

This is a living, gasping, bleeding nightmare. How can this be happening? The only thing Trump hasn’t done to defy decency and the general principle of lawful behavior is shoot someone in broad daylight in the middle of Fifth Avenue, and the bumblefucks are still with him. We’re living in a facsimile of Hitler’s Germany.

Journo friendo: “It was never a good idea to go for impeachment a year away from an election when everyone knew the senate was going to shut it down. They did it because it was the right thing to do, but it has very likely killed our chances to win.

“Also Democrats have become intolerant and intolerable. We freak out over everything and have been for three years. No one trusts our side to lead because who would want to live in the kind of world we seem to stand for now? It’s like strident p.c. Puritanism where we tell people what they should think, say, eat – who they should be friends with, etc. We’ve just lost our minds under Trump.

“I always said impeachment would be a Kavanaugh 2.0. Biden is still the best bet and OUR ONLY CHANCE. Always has been, as imperfect as he is. You are our exact problem. People like you never saw this election for what it was. A one-term president with a good economy isn’t voted out.

“But instead we seemed to need to FEEL GOOD about our candidate, or a revolution or whatever the fuck. None of that will do what we must do: remove Trump. None of it.”

HE to friendo: “But this is insanity. It’s mass suicide. The man is a SOCIOPATH and a GANGSTER. He’s literally indifferent to THE MURDER OF OUR PLANET. He’s an ANIMAL. Read this.”