C.K., a friend of Jean-Francois Allaire (a.k.a. “Deadpool”), wrote last night and said, in part, “I’m not convinced that AICN review of Superman Returns you linked to is legit. Moriarty reviewed the script and panned it, that was then mysteriously pulled and this ‘review’ was put up the next day. It all smells like Knowles is trying damage control so as not to fracture whatever relationship he has with WB/Singer.” I don’t assume C.K. is correct in his assumption, but his words indicate that the anti-Superman Returns contingent is looking to smell and identify a rat on this one, no matter what the facts are. “I read the script and it left me cold,” C.K. said in the same letter. “I’ve been a Superman fan since I was a kid, so I was amped for this movie…but not so much anymore. In fact, I think it’ll be a huge disappointment. As a movie script, it was underwhelming, and as a Superman story — and there have been some cool ones over the years spread across many mediums, including a couple of corkers by Alan Moore — this doesn’t hit the mark. If you’re going into this movie hoping to see something new, you’ll be disappointed. It’s Richard Donner’s Superman rehashed. The structure, pacing and general plot is identical to the Reeve film. They even lift, word for word, tons of dialogue from that film. Mario Puzo’s estate (and any other writer who worked on the first) should take the Superman Returns script to guild arbitration. It feels like Burton’s Batmanall flash and hype, but underneath it’s pretty empty. And the way it ends just doesn’t seem to work. This movie will polarize audience, critics and geeks. And hardcore fanboys — the type who still whine about Michael Keaton — will probably hate it.”