I voted today at Beverly Hills City Hall, or more precisely in an underground parking lot adjacent to same. Very easy, no lines, in and out. I tapped out my choices on a tablet-sized computer screen inside a small yellow booth. For the various propositions I used the progressivevotersguide California recommendations.

I found the Presidential and Vice Presidential page odd. The Republican ticket (Trump-Pence) at the very top, followed by Peace and Freedom’s Gloria Riva and Sunil Freeman, American Independent’s “Rocky” de la Fuente Guerra and Kanye Omari West and the Green Party’s Howie Hawkins and Angela Nicole Walker.

The Democratic guys (Biden-Harris) weren’t even on the main page. Well, they were but the voter had to hit the half-circle “more” button or (I guess) the “skip” option. No biggie but why? Why weren’t Biden-Harris at the top next to Trump-Pence?

Seriously, man…”Rocky” and fucking Kanye? What is this, comic relief?