“The word ‘serious’ typifies the intellectual arrogance of elite media publications,” CityArtsArmond White writes in a 12.14 post. “‘Serious’ now replaces what journalists in the ’80s more honestly — cravenly — termed ‘sexy.’ In aesthetic terms, the Dragon Tattoo remake is no more ‘serious’ than Cars 2 (and less enjoyable).

“What journalists now consider ‘sexy’ is getting as close to the film industry process as possible — as in seeking to influence the Academy Awards race and angling for quotes in ads which, essentially, was the essence of [David] Denby‘s advance rave.

“His opening line, ‘You can’t take your eyes off Rooney Mara,’ shamelessly uses adspeak to convey pop enthusiasm. But Denby’s imitative Pauline Kaelism is unconvincing; by suspiciously elevating the undistinguished Mara (scion of the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers fortunes), Denby conforms to the same class flattery that was so egregious in last year’s critics’ celebration of The Social Network.”