Hillary Clinton‘s popular vote tally is now at 65,525,364 vs. 62,850,329 for Donald Trump — a lead of 2,675,000 votes or two full percentage points. Hillary won 48.2% of the popular vote while Trump got 46.2%. If the situations were reversed and Trump had lost the 11.8 election despite being 2 percentage points or 2,675,000 votes ahead of Clinton, he’d be calling for a march on Washington, a rightwing revolution, a people’s revolt, NRA gunfire in the streets, etc. The Democrats are like “well, the people and more particularly the hinterland Bumblefucks have spoken so that’s the system.” But right now Hillary’s popular vote tally is only 390,431 votes behind President Obama’s winning tally of 65,915,795 in 2012, and that’s with her trust and dislikability issues. Trump “won”, yes, but he has a minus mandate.