Somebody has convinced Times Online‘s John Harlow that George Clooney has been a big influence in “persuading actors to boycott against film award ceremonies that threatens to reduce next weekend’s Golden Globe Awards to a shambles and is jeopardizing the most important event in the Hollywood calendar, next month’s Oscars.”
Harlow writes that “special ire” is felt for Clooney by producers of the Golden Globes and Oscar shows and the TV networks airing them. “We know Clooney is a major force” behind the decision to keep actors away from the Globes,” an NBC executive is quoted as saying. “He has been ear-bashing others who may have been willing to cross picket lines.”
Sources close to Clooney, writes Harlow, have laughed at the image of ‘Red George’ as a strike-organizer. “He does not ear-bash, he is far too easy-going for that,” said a “business associate” of Clooney’s.