This CNET video includes a crudely animated reconstruction of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman on the night of 6.12.94. I’m uncertain as to when it originally aired — possibly in the mid ’90s or certainly more than 20 years ago.

I had never watched this horrorshow until after the death of O.J Simpson on 4.10.24.

The key portion begins around 4:35…ghastly.

It should be noted that the animated action doesn’t square with the earwitness account of local resident Robert Heidstra, who testified that he heard a male (almost certainly Goldman) yelling “hey! hey! hey!” around the reported time of the killings, or 10:35 pm.

From “Simpson Jury Hears First Witnesses,” an L.A. Times article reported by Stephanie Simon, 10.26.96:

“Perhaps the most important testimony Friday came from Robert Heidstra, an auto detailer who had been called by the defense in the criminal trial.

“Heidstra told jurors he was walking his dog in an alley behind Nicole Simpson’s condominium about 10:35 p.m. when he heard the sound of two men arguing.

“I heard a clear voice yelling, ‘Hey! Hey! Hey!’ ” Heidstra said. “It was a male, no doubt about it.” Next, he testified, he heard “another voice, a deeper voice, talking very fast–it sounded like an argument…then I heard a gate clanging, bang.”