Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra are in heaven and watching this colorized clip on a 77-inch Sony 4K HDR OLED.

Elvis: I obviously didn’t know when we sang this in ’60, but I only had another 17 years left.
Frank: Yeah, I know…sorry, chief.
Elvis: How long did you last?
Frank: I died in ’98, age 82.
Elvis: Shit, I was only 42.
Frank: Quality, not quantity.
Elvis: I had the quality until I went to see Nixon in the White House. That’s when it all turned sour.
Frank: You liked Nixon?
Elvis: He was against drug use, and I had to support him for that.
Frank: Isn’t that how you died?
Elvis: Yeah. (beat) If I’d played my cards differently I could’ve lasted as long as Jerry Lee Lewis.
Frank: When did he die?
Elvis: He’s still alive! 84 years old, and he was a crazy man in the ’50s.
Frank: Genes.